Our Iceland Adventure part 4/4

DAY 7  My birthday! Daniel got my my little unicorn charm for my bracelet that he bought me for my 16th birthday! (Im 24 now) You can imagine its getting pretty full! We spent the day at the Blue lagoon. After getting home around 3am from Dynjandi we needed to be back up by 6am to drive to the blue lagoon to get their for 8am our booked time. We were very exhausted but managed to get up and out on time! The blue lagoon was lovely. Another must do! I think when you think of Iceland you think Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights. So I’m sure if you are visiting Iceland this will be on your list. At least we managed one out of two haha there was no chance of us seeing the lights so we will just have to go back another time!. I keep trying to compare the blue lagoon to the Myvatn baths but they were really different experiences because of the time of day, the commercialisation of the blue lagoon over Myvatn it was all very different experiences. In the blue lagoon you go in and get given a wrist band which lets you in, locks your locker, and purchases your drinks/facemasks etc in the water. We chose the package which came with a drink and an algae face mask. I wish we had went for the one with the robe and slippers though as I felt a little self conscious walking from the changing rooms out to the water. They require you to shower without your swimming costume at both Myvatn and the blue lagoon but at least the blue lagoon has frosted glass cubicles for a little privacy. Also they ask you to leave your towel at the shower area so its probably a good idea getting the dressing gown as theres a little walk from the showers up to your changing spot when you are getting ready to leave. For the women a big tip is to lather your hair in the conditioner that is in the shower at the blue lagoon and then put your hair up as the water drys out your hair like crazy. I didn’t do that at Myvatn and it was a big regret! My hair was super dry for days after that.

We stopped at taco bell for some lunch and took it back to the apartment. It was a bad choice it wasn’t great at all I don’t recommend trying their. The rest of the day was spent napping as we were exhausted. We grabbed dinner at our favourite burger place American style, we took it back to the apartment and watched youtube on the laptop. It was perfect. I’m sad as I was trying to find the photo I took of this moment as it looked nice and cosy, but I lost my phone a while back and cant seem to find the image anywhere so think it mustn’t have backed up and is now gone.

DAY 8 This was our one day that we left blank when planning so that we could just decide at the time if we wanted to visit our favourite place again or do something that we had missed. As it turned out we had missed out the black beach earlier on in the week so took this opportunity to head over their. I wish we had stopped back in at Skogafoss as its on the same route and took some more nice photos together but we didn’t. When we got to the black beach it was crazy busy. When we arrived I went to the toilets. There was a fancy restaurant which we didn’t go in but I can imagine it was expensive. And the separate toilets next to it. They were awful. We paid something like the equivalent to £3.50ish to use this toilet (when back here if there is a charge its a whole 20p or something). There was only 1 toilet out of 4 working so  there was quite a que and when I got in their there was no toilet roll the seat was cracked and it just felt horrible really. I wish we hadn’t paid as most were just holding the door to the next person as the door was broken. Its one thing that really annoys me about places when visiting. I mean if you are going to charge so much for them then you should be able to upkeep them. Its quite out of the way of anything else so when your their there aren’t much other options. The exact reason I recommend you take tissues in your bag as its like that at most of the places we went to. Nothing felt clean at all.

Anyway the actual beach was really cool. It was used in Game of Thrones at one point I’m sure.  When we went the sea was creeping in the waves were like the height of me which was quite scary. There were people walking along the beach but a few times we got soaked with the sea suddenly coming in we decided not to risk going over that way and getting stuck. I wasn’t feeling to great at this point so we didn’t stay too long. I got a few cool photos but would love the opportunity to go back here and maybe check the time of the sea so we could do along it and enjoy it all a bit more.

When we returned from the black beach we got organised to head out for dinner as we had our reservation at Grill Markdurin. We had hoped to book this for my birthday night but it was fully booked so we choose this day instead. We knew we wanted to go for the taster menu which was expensive. It was about £90ish each person which had 8 courses of the restaurants top dishes. Below are 6 of the 8 courses, I seem to have lost images of the duck and whale. In order of photos there are cod, Salmon with fish eggs, Pork with Apple, Steak, Lamb, dessert included fruit, chocolate melt cake, meringue, coffee chocolate melt ice-cream, and raspberry sorbet.

We were not keen on the cod, it was quite chewy. The salmon was nice, the pork was nice but I wasn’t keen on the apple bits, the steak was amazing, the lamb was lovely but I didn’t really like the glaze. We both really enjoyed the duck, We weren’t keen on the idea of whale. We both loved the chocolate cake, fruit, meringue and sorbet. I tried the melting chocolate ice-cream thing not realising it was coffee, it was horrible which I said to Daniel (he hates coffee flavoured things) but insisted on trying it and he had an even worse reaction than me haha.

DAY 9 Was spent travelling home. We were up early again as our flight was at 8am or something, we were 2 hours ish from the airport and we needed to fill the car up before we returned it. We returned it fine as I mentioned above and got onto our flight not bother.

If I were to go back again right now I would try see the northern lights, go back to Skogafoss (obviously), Seljalandsfoss, Myvatn Nature Baths, spend a few nights exploring in Akureyri, More time spent in Reykjavik town, take night photos of the stars! Take a photographer to Skogafoss, and also see a few things we didn’t manage on this trip such as Kirkjufell. Even being their for 8 days it still didn’t feel near enough time to fit everything in.

All in all the holiday was a great experience, I would love to go back again right now! but for now its onto planning the next adventure, our new house and wedding!




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