Our Iceland Adventure Part 3/4

DAY 4 we had planned to head up to the North of the country as there were quite a few things we wanted to do their. We rented a room in Akureyri dropped off our bags and then headed to Godafoss waterfall, from the car park its not much of a walk at all. It is worth a visit if you are going to head up to the North of the country. The water is lovely and blue and the cliff edge looks very dramatic. When we were their we saw a little fashion shoot going on. I bet it took some amount of editing to get rid of all the tourists that were around that day!  When we were down at the waters edge I was asked if I could take a photo of a couple of women, I agreed and she said she could take one of us after. I was happy to do both but was very worried inside my head about handing over my expensive camera to some random person while stuck on uneven slippery rocks. I’m glad we got that photo in the end though.

Next up we wanted to visit Grjótagjá Cave this cave was in Game of thrones which is pretty cool. We were a bit worried that we might not be able to find it because when we were researching it was made out that its hard to find. I’ll say now it was super easy maybe as its become more popular (maybe because of GOT) they have it sign posted it better or something I don’t know but it was just super easy to find. Follow the satnav and the car park is right at the side of the road. The cave itself was a highlight of our trip for sure. It was so impressive. I get a bit claustrophobic with lots of stuff so I was a bit worried going into it but as long as I don’t over think it I’m alright. There are 2 entrances to the cave but  its very tight in their, not very many spots to stand so we didn’t want to stay too long as there were other people waiting to get in. I did manage to get a few photos though which I had to use my tripod and long expose it as its pretty dark in their. Sometimes people can swim in their but not at the time we went as the temperature of the water was too hot according to official information.

Just down the road from their was Hverir mud pits this was just a quick stop which was interesting to see, the smell is something else. The whole of Iceland feels very rotten egg smelling (sulphur I think) but at that spot its soo much stronger! We headed to the cow shed for some dinner but when we got their it was crazy busy so we decided to just leave it. Next time I would make a point of trying it as it looked soo nice. We skipped dinner completely this night and I was starving but by the time we got back to anywhere for food it was all closed. Next time we would like to try the steak house that is next door to Torg guesthouse (where we stayed).

We made our way over to Myvatn nature baths and we went pretty late at night. One of thee best experience of the entire trip. I cant explain how incredible it was to be in this super warm water watching the sun disappear and all the millions of stars come out. We saw shooting stars! It felt a bit like a scene from a romantic movie. We looked up to try find lots of the constellations in the sky. It was perfect. You could see lots of satellites going around too. The price for their was reasonable too compared to the Blue Lagoon. It was also in an area of the country that was not very populated which meant we could see all the stars as there wasn’t much light pollution. If you get a chance go their I recommend to go at night its incredible! After this we headed back to Akureyri and crashed out. I really wanted to take some sky photos and this would have been the perfect spot but I was just to exhausted I just wanted to get back to my bed. My goal for visiting here if I return. The photos aren’t the best quality as they were taken on the little waterproof camera but I just love them.

DAY 5 We spent driving back from Akureyri to Reykjavik. We were up at a good time, a little later than the average for our trip so far and went in search for breakfast around Akureyri. We ended up getting food at a little cafe along from the hotel (Im not sure what the name of the place was as there is no sign on the building on google maps but the address says: 93 Hafnarstraeti Akureyi, Northeastern Region) It was hard for us to find somewhere as Iceland breakfast seems a lot different to what we would have at home. I really liked what we chose in the end though it was lovely. There was tea, orange juice, waffles, sweet bacon with a salmon omelette, yogurt with granola and some fruit.

It was a beautiful day so we stopped a couple of time to grab a few photos on the road but because we stopped along the way their we didn’t do as many stops on the way back. This took most of our day so we just got dinner and relaxed when we went home.

DAY 6 We went to Dynjandi Waterfall we only had this one thing planned for the day as we knew it would take all day getting their and back. I have mixed feelings on this one. We got up nice and early as usual and headed out all prepared for another long day of driving. It was five hour drive from Reykjavik to the waterfall and then the same back. The drive their started fine until we got to the mountains. Worst drive of my life! The roads are very narrow, with big cliff edges, road is made of loose stones and lots of lorry’s etc drive up their as it is the main road around Iceland. Driving back late in the night was quite scary as you couldn’t see the edge of the mountain but you knew it was their with a massive drop. For a few hours of this journey there is no civilisation so no street lights etc. The actual waterfall though is amazing! Biggest waterfall I’ve seen. you can walk right up to it and theres a lovely view out to the sea from the top. It was so wet I didn’t wipe my lens of my camera as much as I should have which is a bit disappointing but still happy with the photos.

Spot Daniel haha



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