Our Iceland Adventure part 2/4

DAY 3 we set off to visit Þingvellir national park, in the end we made one little stop where the sign said but didn’t really make much effort to go their which in hindsight maybe we should have. Next stop was at Strokkur Geysir which we were both really excited to see. It didn’t disappoint and I would say its a must do when visiting Iceland. The photos I think turned out so well, the geysirs were pretty impressive. And you get the cheesy bonus joke of saying “Have you seen that big Geysir over their?” we ate some lunch and shopped in the gift shop and picked up a few things for both ourselves and my niece and nephew. As expected is was quite expensive but I was happy with what we got. We have made a plan that whenever we go on holiday we will pick up a new Christmas tree decoration from that location, I realise that wont always be possible but I’m excited to get lots of them where we can!

We then headed on to Gullfoss falls this was a massive waterfall! Its quite a walk down from the top car park but worth it if you are able. Its a very busy spot full of tourists, or at least when we went. Up at the waters edge its very slippery on the rocks and of course I had to fall! It felt like slow motion stumbling over the rocks trying to save myself and my camera. I didn’t manage to save myself but did keep my camera up in the air! I would have rather damaged myself than my beloved camera haha. It was pretty embarrassing with so many people their I must have been caught on some picture with how many cameras were around! After it happened I tried to like smile/laugh it off at the other photographer who witnessed it next to me but all I got back was a blank stare, bit awkward haha. I really hurt myself when I fell I twisted my knee and ankle and as I mentioned it was a big walk down lots of steps and hill to get to that point so I had to do the same back to the car in pain and covered in mud. I managed slowley though. Again the baby wipes came in handy to clean myself up! And they actually had toilets at the top next to the car park which were actually nice and clean compared to the others we had been at.

Vid Faxa was next on our list and we actually missed the entrance to it. Luckily we decided to turn around and go as we very nearly decided against turning back. I’m so glad we did though as it was so beautiful, It was one of the very rare moments of sun on our visit and I love the photos I captured their. It was relaxing sitting just watching and listening to the waterfall and when we went there weren’t many visitors at all so it was very quiet.

We could have stayed their all night but we had one more stop on our journey for the day which was Kerið (Crater). It was soo much bigger in person than it looks in the photos. Pretty cool to say we have now walked round the edge of a crater! I loved the red ground, it felt almost like we were on mars or something. The car park is right at the edge of it too so was very easy to get to. I found that for all of the areas we went the car parks were right their so there wasn’t too much searching needed to find things which was good as we were a bit worried about that. After this stop we headed home and grabbed some dinner.



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