We Got Engaged!

On Monday 18th Spetember 2017 Daniel got down on one knee and proposed to me! After 8 and a half years together I of course said yes! For years me and everyone else kept mentioning it to him but I thought it was always house first and then engagment which is why it came as such a surprise!

We were in Iceland driving around the south coast stopping at a few waterfalls. First was Seljandsfoss where you could go around the back of it in a cave type area. It was very cool. He mentioned after, that he was going to do it their but it was too busy with tourists for him haha.

We headed back to the car, he threw his jacket back in the boot and there was a thump. I asked if he had something in his pocket but he just made some silly excuse which I naively just believed whatever he had said. I thought it was our little waterproof camera that was in his pocket.

We then drove on a little bit to what is know known to us as ‘Our Waterfall’ I mean its not ours at all but to us it is, everyone else will know it as Skogafoss waterfall haha. We spent a bit of time taking some photos of the waterfall then went right up to it and stood in at a little cove bit. Daniel waited for a couple of other people to leave and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I of course said yes. There were tears I’m not going to lie. It is such a crazy overwhelming feeling I cant even explain, it honestly feels like time went in slow motion when I figured out what was happening and everything around us blurred out.

It was very wet from the spray of the waterfall but absolutely perfect. In a sea of tourists we were able to have our little special moment just us two. We came out of that little bit and started taking lots of selfies as you do haha and probably the way I was waving my ring around everyone must have understood and seemed to hold back from us as we spent a good little while their taking lots of photos together and of each other before we started to walk back to the car and only then did all the tourists their that day start to walk over to where we were to get their own photos(and there were quite a few of them). We then took to the steps that led up to the top of the waterfall, so many steps! It was onto our next stop after that, to the plane wreck but I gave my mum sister and Daniels mum a call before we headed their. Only his mum knew what was happening so it was nice to tell everyone back home. My only regret from this spot was that we didn’t take many posed photos of ourselves on the main camera.The one place I want to go back to if I visit Iceland again is to go here and take some proper posed photos with a photographer if I can convince my fiancé.

Afterwords things started making more sense. A couple of things he had said before we came on holiday I was confused about but didn’t question it too much.One big thing that is now soo obvious but wasnt really at the time was before we came away I got an engagement ring advert on my facebook (I normally get adverts for stuff that my partner has been looking up) so I screen shotted that and sent him a message saying something like ‘oh been looking up engagement rings have you’ with the laughing emoji totally not thinking that is what he had been doing. Turns out he had been and was so annoyed when I sent that, that facebook could have so easily ruined the whole thing. I mean how rediculous is that! But silly me really didn’t take it seriously so I was blissfully unaware haha. Also while in the apartment in Iceland I grabbed his coat to hang up and he said he would take the jackets out to the car but it made no sense to me as we would need the jackets to get to the car without being soaked. Turns out he was keeping the ring in his jacket until the right time haha.

In terms of ring choice and size. Probably sounds a little much for some people but as I said we had been together for 8.5 years so I had actually saved an image for Daniel to refer to when the time came haha. He got it soo perfect. I had gave him the rough image but he ran with that and spent so long looking up diamond clarity etc and trying to find one that looked exactly like the photo. I love the effort he put into it. He actually also had my ring size stored. I think it would have been incredibly hard to figure out the size by himself as I don’t wear rings normally so wouldn’t have been able to reference using that. The ring is incredibly beautiful and sparkles like crazy I cant stop looking at it even now!


Abbie (a.k.a Future Mrs Fowler <3)



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