Gender Reveal

Something that I have been wanting to try for a long time was a outdoor gender reveal session using smoke bombs. In America these photoshoots are done quite a lot but here in Scotland and the UK they are becoming more and more popular.

When I was asked to do this gender reveal photoshoot with one of my best friends I jumped at the chance! They were finding out if they were having a baby boy or baby girl when I was flying on holiday, travelling to Iceland. To make it work we decided to photograph both the girl and boy photos and that way when they found out they were able to share with everyone online!

The normal way we would do the session is you find out and then come for the session (could even be the same day if we can fit it in) the other way this session can be done is have your sonographer write down weather your little one is a boy or girl, resist looking at it and you can send me the paper and I will arrange your session based on that. Then when you come for your gender reveal photoshoot we will be able to capture your natural reaction to finding out the gender of your little one.

We decided to head to Beecraigs as there’s lots of lovely spots their to choose from. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, we chose a quiet spot and done a few test shots with a turquoise colour to see how the smoke would move, the strength and colour of the smoke so we knew how many pellets to use.

We brought little tins to put in the pellets and had Kevin light them and quickly posed so I could be in position to snap away as they ran out really fast. We had quite a few pellets so were able to get a decent amount of photos for both the blue and pink photos.

It doesn’t have to be a smoke bomb, if you have some other idea you would love to try leave me a message and we can discuss it. There are so many different options, confetti, balloons etc.


The photos that were used in the end was TEAM BLUE!


Maternity photos to follow in another post!




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