Family Christmas

So I never shared any Christmas photos this year on my photography page, mainly as I was just so busy trying to get every order out in time but also incase they were presents for family etc I didn’t want to ruin that. I know its a bit late to now be talking about Christmas but the photos are just too cute not to share!

Before Christmas I did multiple photoshoots with my niece and nephew so we could add them all into a photo album as a surprise for their mum for Christmas.  We included a couple of newborn photos as well as all the other family photoshoots, paint splash photoshoot, past christmas minis etc.  I absolutely love these soo much. It was such an easy session as they both really wanted to create something special to give her. Here are my favourites below.

If you love them as much as me leave a little comment or share with your family and friends. Watch out for christmas mini details towards the end of the year also!



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