365 – December

Day 335 – 01/12/19

Our first ever Christmas tree went up. First decoration on was our cute little heart which we purchased from a shop in Iceland when we got engaged!

Day 336 – 02/12/19

Making the Christmas crackers while Luna wonders what I’m up to haha.

Day 337 – 03/12/19

Day 338 – 04/12/19

Day 339 – 05/12/19

Day 340 – 06/12/19

Day 341 – 07/12/19

Day 342 – 08/12/19

Livingroom empty ready for the new couch arriving the next day!

Day 343 – 09/12/19

Day 344 – 10/12/19

Ran out of the wick holders when making the candles so had to improvise.

Day 345 – 11/12/19

Day 346 – 12/12/19

Licky mats are soo good for our two. Keeps them amused for ages.


Day 347 – 13/12/19

Day 348 – 14/12/19

Luna in her new Christmas jumper.

Day 349 – 15/12/19

Day 350 – 16/12/19

Dermot Kennedy at the Usher hall with my sister. Was amazing.

Day 351 – 17/12/19

Day 352 – 18/12/19

Luna looves a crisp packet.

Day 353 – 19/12/19

Our angel tree topper arrived! Love it so much its from FairyHollowCreations on etsy.

Day 354 – 20/12/19

Little portrait inside my favourite daisy perfume.

Day 355 – 21/12/19

Staining the bannister. It has been soo much work. More than we thought it would be.

Day 356 – 22/12/19

Day 357 – 23/12/19

Our fridge broke right before we host our first ever christmas in our own house. Not great timing but managed to nip down to currys with click and collect within an hour and had picked up our new one!

Day 358 – 24/12/19

Went to homebase for a couple bits for decorating and there were free trees at the front. Picked one up but we had no decorations for it. I managed to find some spare lights and raided the christmas prop box for some random decorations. I actually really love it.

Day 359 – 25/12/19

Christmas morning!

Day 360 – 26/12/19

Perfect boxing day evening. First time watching The Matrix after such a long time of meaning to get round to it.

Day 361 – 27/12/19

Luna goes half the size when she has a bath. Muddy walks for these little ones means bath time when they get home as they get to mucky especially if your this one who rolled around in it…

Day 362 – 28/12/19

She stole a tomato.

Day 363 – 29/12/19

Inside the homemade crackers I had made little photos. It was a mix between being funny and similar to my family coming for christmas. They turned out pretty good and everyone loved them!

Day 364 – 30/12/19

Its just a reef knot haha. Luna having a go at the Christmas puzzle.

Day 365 – 31/12/19

Wrote out my 2020 goals. I never to “resolutions” preferring to just do things that I hope to aim forwards in the next year. Quite a few big ones so lets hope I get some of those done!