365 – November

Day 305 – 01/11/19

Day 306 – 02/11/19

We have one area above our stairs that needs painted and went to b&q to pick up a pot just to finish it off to be told this specific blend has been discontinued. Our whole downstairs has been done in this colour which leads right up our stair and into our hall! So we bought as many testers that they had and have hoped for the best with the colour being the same!

Day 307 – 03/11/19

Day 308 – 04/11/19

New clear tub for milk baths and cakesmashes!

Day 309 – 05/11/19

Bonfire night!

Day 310 – 06/11/19

Day 311 – 07/11/19

Day 312 – 08/11/19

This sums up having a puppy. Food and random bits of paper etc she has managed to grab from somewhere and the moving boxes blocking our bed to stop her chewing it!

Day 313 – 09/11/19

Daniels mum bought us a few Christmas baubles.

Day 314 – 10/11/19

Late to buy these but saw them at a local craft fair and had to get them as I had been meaning to for a long time! They will be used next year for sure.

Day 315 – 11/11/19

Luna passed puppy classes and got a wee certificate! How cute.

Day 316 – 12/11/19

Day 317 – 13/11/19

Day 318 – 14/11/19

That one time I actually bet Daniel at chess haha. I got him the board for his birthday and have only started learning how to play so I was pleased with this haha.

Day 319 – 15/11/19

New christmas props for those newborns¬

Day 320 – 16/11/19

I couldnt resist this after spotting it in Dobbies garden centre.

Day 321 – 17/11/19

We had taken a family portrait just before we decided to get Luna so had to get it updated with her included!

Day 322 – 18/11/19

Frosty morning!

Day 323 – 19/11/19

TOP SECRET! Im unable to share this photo currently as it is for a special project. Once I can share I will add it in here!

Day 324 – 20/11/19

Day 325 – 21/11/19

Rubbish photo of screen but I need this tv haha.

Day 326 – 22/11/19

Took a test shot for my friend to see as she was deciding on a new lens.

Day 327 – 23/11/19

My gorgeous snowflake by the talented Freddie and the Foxes. Made to my exact colour choices and the detail is so incredible.

Day 328 – 24/11/19

Christmas theme tester.

Day 329 – 25/11/19

This photo makes me smile. Me and Daniel wearing coordinated christmas jammies (I made him buy his after spotting them in Next as I knew they matched the ones I had bought a few days earlier in Primark) eating our gummy worms and watching Im a Celeb. Love it.

Day 330 – 26/11/19

Day 331 – 27/11/19

Day 332 – 28/11/19

Day 333 – 29/11/19

Day 334 – 30/11/19

Love this photo as normally Lola cant be bothered with Luna (As shes getting older and Luna is a little hyper puppy so is too much for her). But when in the car or out a walk they get on and its so cute.