Luna Puppy Classes – WEEK 1

Luna went to her first puppy class on Monday night. It is run by Dogs Trust and done at a local hall in Hamilton.

Last week Daniel and me went to the dogs trust re-homing centre for the initial puppy class which was where we got told all the welcome information. We were giving a little booklet which included what we will be covering and some ‘homework’ sheets of things that will be covered in the classes week to week. We were very impressed with the trainer their who went over all the information which made us feel we made the right decision in these particular classes.

Our main reason for deciding on puppy classes was to make sure she is well socialised as we have another chihuahua who is 9 years old and she wasn’t socialised much as a puppy and is a bit nervous around other people and dogs so we wanted to make sure Luna wasn’t the same.┬áIts an hour long class each time which aims to help on everything from dog socialising, toilet training, chewing etc so it sounds great.

This week it was Luna’s first week to go to class. It will be in the same place each week, our local hall in Hamilton. We were welcomed in and went to a little pod in the back corner of the hall and then the other pups arrived.

Luna is always quite excited to meet other humans and dogs so she was very much more interested in that than doing what we were practising. We worked on getting her to sit but she just wouldn’t so we will be working on that at home this week! We also practised some recall which she is actually pretty good at so she didn’t embarrass us too much haha.

At the end the two trainers took a puppy each so they could socialise for a little minute but Luna wasn’t keen on that which we think was because she wasn’t with us. Normally when were taking her out walks shes dying to go see other people and even at the class was the same until she was handed over and faced with a cute little Frenchie.

Everything is such new experiences though and I’m sure in the next few weeks she will be used to going their and seeing the same people and dogs so will build her confidence up.


Overall it has been a very positive experience so far, we are looking forward to seeing how she gets on next week!