365 – September

Its been a hard month to take a photo everyday so its been a big dog month!

Day 244 – 01/09/19

I really wanted to do the cute hands photos with Luna like I do in my newborn sessions so we done a few and I love them so much.

Day245 – 02/09/19

She always has to be close to me!

Day 246 – 03/09/19

Day 247 – 04/09/19

Day 248 – 05/09/19

I was trying to get a nice photo of Luna as per, but she decided to come and cuddle up with me while I was lying on the ground. So decided to take a selfie of us in that moment. Ive been trying to care less about how I look in photos and this is a prime example. I was in my jammies, just got out of bed, hairs a mess and no makeup but I love this moment of us so had to make it the photo for today.

Day 249 – 06/09/19

Day 250 – 07/09/19

She worked her way down our back steps for the first time!

Day 251 – 08/09/19

Lola telling Luna whos boss. Luna just wants to play with Lola so much but shes really not interested, I think shes to energetic for Lola whos 9.

Day 252 – 09/09/19

Day 253 – 10/09/19

Day 254 – 11/09/19

I love this one, she looks like shes smiling haha.

Day 256 – 12/09/19

Day 256 – 13/09/19

For a while Luna has been running up the stairs and then getting stuck at the top as she hasnt managed to get herself down yet! She stands at the top crying until you go get her, just for her to run back up minutes later. Our hall is currently being redecorated here also.

Day 257 – 14/09/19

We got a new board game called Catan. Luna decided she wanted to have the cardboard popout scraps.

Day 258 – 15/09/19

I just loved the lighting here, getting her to pose was not easy I had to take what I could get haha.

Day 259 – 16/09/19

Harmony while they both have a little treat for dinner.

Day 260 – 17/09/19

Day 261 – 18/09/19

Testing setup One of the christmas mini themes. As I mentioned above, Luna doesnt like to be far away from me. She insisted on coming through so that meant she had to get a photo on the setup.

Day 262- 19/09/19

We went upstairs while Luna was on the couch, she cant get down from their yet so managed to get herself over to the beanbag next to the couch where she got stuck and cried until we came down to rescue her haha.

Day 263 – 20/09/19

Christmas mini theme two. I love this, we always say shes like a little polar bear and an arctic fox so this set was perfect!

Day 264 – 21/09/19

Day 265 – 22/09/19

Daniel putting up our new blinds for the livingroom to cover our glass doors for more privacy. Ive been documenting the whole renovation process of the house so look forward to putting all the photos together once we are done redecorating!

Day 266 – 23/09/19

My 26th Birthday. Daniel bought me a narwhal cake that we had seen in asda the day before and he lit the candles which make all the wax run down the back from the angle they were placed in. I love it, it looks like the narwhal has funky hair! And I always peel off the icing anyway so didnt effect the cake for me!

Day 267 – 24/09/19

We meant to have a movie night on my birthday but didnt so we had one tonight. We chose John Wick 3 but were pretty dissapointed in it considering the other two we enjoyed.

Day 268 – 25/09/19

Luna trying to get up on the couch.

Day 269 – 26/09/19

Day 270 – 27/09/19

Day 271 – 28/09/19

Daniel gave me vouchers for waterstones so get a couple new books so we went to the fort to spend them. I picked up 5 years from now, Some Kind of Wonderful and I owe you one by sophie kinsella which isnt in the photo. This is my to read pile. I have about 6 books on the kindle to get through also! I love a chicklit, love story. Anything with a happy ending thats an easy read. Also at the top is my line a day journal which I have been loving using this year.

Day 272 – 29/09/19

A simple phone selfie, I didnt make much effort with todays photo. I got a new eyeshadow palette for my birthday so have been having fun playing with different colours for a change.

Day 273 – 30/09/19