Camping In Scotland

In 2018 me and my partner decided to buy all the camping gear and go round Scotland wild camping for our summer holiday that year. This was mainly because when we were in Iceland we realised we loved exploring new places but hadn’t really seen much of our own country! And Iceland felt a bit like Scotland to us so we decided we needed to spend some time exploring our home. It was also a bit cheaper than going on a holiday abroad but I must say not by very much after we bought all the camping equipment plus petrol etc.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts we are very much planners when it comes to holidays but for this one we planned where we wanted to go and had to plan our ferry trips to the isle of Harris (more on that later) but in terms of where we would camp we just decided to wing it.

So off we went with a car full of stuff! No idea how people carry all the stuff just in one bag, i’m definitely not a light packer. We drove to theĀ Loch LomondĀ  & Trossachs area where we had booked a spot near the loch to camp for the night. We found a spot, took all the stuff to it layed out all the tent to realise we forgot the tent poles! By this point it had started to rain bad and it was getting late so we drove all the way home (1.5 hours away) once home we decided to just spend the night at home and start again the next day, not the best start!

Take two, we skipped Loch Lomond & Trossachs and headed on to Oban, this was a bit of a detour but we love it their so wanted to make that stop. Once their we had a wander around, taking photos and then went for food at our usual spot on the odd occasion we are in Oban, Cuan Mor. We had a lovely meal then headed back to the car to drive on to fort william.

It was very dark by the time we found somewhere to camp. We ended up at the bottom of Glen Nevis setting up the tent in the dark! We managed fine and it was actuall a nice little secluded spot but not too far from the car. The next day we set off for Isle of Skye. The place I have been so excited to visit for so long! On the way we stopped at glen finnan viaduct (from Harry Potter) and then set up our tent at the Quaring. It was perfect. I really loved it their. So much so that we have decided it is now the destination of our wedding (which I was hoping would be the case when we headed their)! We need to actually finish planning the wedding soon. We stayed their for a night and had such a beautiful sunset and sunrise in the morning. The rest of the day was miserable weather. So much so we couldnt get our tent back down after packing up for the day so we headed home again. We luckily managed to just cancel the ferrys to the Isle of Harris for the following days and get a refund so we will try that again some other time.

After a few days at home we made a plan to head down to St Marys Loch in the borders as we knew there was an area we could camp at for a few days and theres toilets and a wee cafe their too. It was the best descision because the weather was lovely (I even took a dip in the water!) and it was very relaxing.

After this we just headed home, our holiday complete. I really wanted to try and get a nice starry photo but didnt get round to it so will need to try next time.

It was quite stressful trying to find places to camp so next time we will 100% have it fully planned out so we get to go and do everything we want to see and also have a set place to set the tent up at night without worrying about how dark it was getting.

We had planned to go camping again this summer but it just hasnt worked out timing wise! So lots of little day trips are being planned for the next little time off that we take. Maybe next year for camping again!




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