School Minis Sessions

There’s nothing worse than getting your childs school photos back and their hair is a mess, they have their snack all down their jumpers or they have typically fell over and bumped their head the day before photo day and have managed to scrape/bruise their head or they have decided to pull a silly face because your not their to see them. But even with all this you still feel the need to purchase all the photos anyway because of the fact their your babies school photos! Maybe your little one was ill on school photo day so you don’t even have the chance to have any photos.

Well now you can come to the studio and be their to get your childs school photos taken. You can makes sure their collar is straight, they’re not pulling any faces and images are edited to a high standard which means I will remove any scrapes/bruises if necessary. You also get to choose from a good selection and have the option of purchasing additional products or sticking with your package.

School Mini Sessions are available to book now! Message me to book your slot. Limited availability!




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