I just realised I never shared any images from my holiday to London which was quite a while ago now. My boyfriend took me for my birthday back in 2015, wow it was a while ago haha. I took my camera and got lots of great shots. So below are lots and lots of them haha.

He was just going to surprise me on the day but when we go on holidays we love to plan everything out so he told me and we planned it together which im so glad about. We had thee best time over a weekend. Saw every touristy thing that we wanted to. We managed to cram in so much it was amazing. The only thing that set us back a little bit was one morning I got ill which im sure was because of something I ate so we spent the morning in bed at the hotel and I forced myself out in the afternoon. So because of that we had to sacrifice the shopping part of the holiday.

I took my camera for some proper photos but i’m not embarrassed to admit the selfie stick came also haha. We took some standard tourist photos, selfies as well as some nice ones of London.

Day one was spent flying down to london, getting settled into our hotel then out to see Buckingham Palace and then off to see Billy Elliot in the theatre. Billy Elliot was sooo amazing! The best show I have seen. The only thing that would have made it better would be more leg room. Im not tall at all (5ft 3in) and I found it painful on my knees so I can only imagine how my boyfriend felt.

One of my favourite shots is below. Also mid way down this street there is a place with huge chandeliers and lots of mirrors which sells the best chocolate gateau cake!

Day two we went exploring the London Eye first thing, it wasn’t the clearest weather but I quite like the look of the foggy atmospheric vibe to the images from the top of it. We then walked along to West Minster, Downing Street. We then went to the Tower of London and saw tower bridge, The shard etc.

We sat down for a little bit in front of Downing Street and suddenly were surrounded with a protest who were protesting ivory trade.

We finished off our day at Piccadilly circus and gettingĀ dinner at a chinese type place I cant remember what it was called, where they would make you the food in front of you. I’m convinced that is what made me ill the next day.

Day three was when I was ill in the morning so we didn’t do much that day. In the afternoon we went to Maddame Tussauds. Most were so realistic looking such as the one below but there was the odd one that didn’t quite look right (such as prince harry below).

The last day we went to the natural history museum which isnt really my thing but was nice to do once.

I would love to go back sometime. I would definitely try some more night photos now that I have done it all during the day haha. It would also be lovely to do a bit more non touristy things. If anyone has any recommendations of things to do/places to go that would be awesome if you let me know in the comments.




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