Jennifer & Family Outdoor Session

We had planned for a little while to do a family outdoor session with one of my best friends and her family. This was only my second ever outdoor session the first being my sisters last October time. So it was a bit of a trial to see how it went for possibly offering them as packages to clients. This was done at Beecraigs. The weather wasn’t very great throughout the day so I found it difficult to decide whether we should still go ahead or reschedule. In the end I thought we could just try it and i’m glad we did. Beecraigs is pretty sheltered with trees so it wasn’t wet at all where we were taking the photos. I asked them to bring along a rain jacket and wellies just in case which would have made some cute photos also.

The session started a little later than planned and was nearing Ryans bed time. He was quite happy running around but didn’t really want to stay still for too long just like every other two year old I’ve met haha. He loved looking at the back of the camera so he could press the buttons.

Thats the thing about outdoor sessions, yes they will be slightly posed, sitting on blankets, being held etc but they are able to move around a bit more freely which creates some lovely natural shots. Not every photo needs to be big smiles, some of my most favourite shots are natural ones where there is a more serious expression on their little faces. Below is my favourite shot from the session but I do love lots of these ones.

You can now find out more info and book in for these type sessions over on my facebook page: they are very limited so be quick!






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