I cannot believe its this time of year again! Always seems to come around soo fast, the summer this year if we can really call it that just seemed to vanish. This year there are some changes and a few different options as always for Christmas minis.

Just like last year you have the choice of 2 setups. As usual there will be a light and dark setup but I am also including a special santa upgrade option. More details on these are below. Sessions of each theme will be done on set days starting in October, one theme per package. You can purchase more than one package to come to the different setups if desired but as I said they will be done on different days. Please book in fast to secure your shoot as I always become fully booked at this time of year. This is also the case if your just looking for any standard sessions for Christmas presents etc. I hate turning people away but can only take on so much over Christmas.

Star Setup- This is a very light setup similar to last year but with a total revamp. There will be lots of fake snow as well as the classic props such as sleighs, snow globes etc. I also have a couple of pretty white dresses which your little one can wear if in the correct size.

Holly Setup- Is the dark theme similar to last year which was favourite, but with a more magical feel including fake snow, and glittery lights!

Santa Upgrade- Once chosen either option above you can also add on this special image. You must decide before the session if this is an upgrade you would like as I need to photograph it in a certain way. The image is then edited to look as though your child(ren) are looking out to santa flying past. This cannot be added on after your session due to the way this needs to be done.

You can find samples of all setups over on my facebook page which will be added to as I do them:

Package details:

I am so excited for these sessions, they are one of my favourites over the whole year. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible! These are limited to children who are able to sit up un-aided (around 6 months+) and a maximum 4 people per session. Message me to book through facebook or email




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