Brodie Newborn Session

I had Brodie and her family in for her newborn session the other week. These images are just a very small selection from their session with me.

For every newborn session I have a little routine. So when there are family shots being done at the time of the newborn shoot we do those right at the beginning as this is when big sister is cooperative, before we all get sweaty with how warm the room needs to be for the baby and also means once the family and sibling photos are completed a parent (usually dad) can take big sister out so we can finish up the rest of the session without the toddler getting to bored in the little space.

So this is exactly what happened when they came to visit. We got lots of family photos including a mix of different poses, all together and separate with their new family member. Big sister Ragen was soo good taking direction and giving everyone lots of kisses. We then moved onto the bucket props and got through all them fine. Brodie was quite a little wriggler who was wide awake which always makes wrapping and posing more difficult. We got started on the beanbag shots and she had definitely had enough posing for one day. The way the session works is baby dictates haha. So as a guide its normally a 3 hour session but this can be shorter or longer depending how fast we can get through each setup. By the time we had just started on beanbag we tried for a long while to get her settled but decided to call time on the shoot and try again another day to finish it off. I have to say this doesn’t happen very often but I’m more than happy to reschedule to finish the session if I feel its not going to work. Sometimes we can still get it done in the same day with a longer than average session but generally I can tell if it is going to work or not in the one session.

Louise and Brodie came back a couple of days later and it went amazing. We got straight into where we left off and finished up everything we needed to. We got lots of variety, both sleepy and awake which is always a nice mix. She was much more settled which allowed us to complete their gallery.

After the session is where the work really starts for me, its when all the culling of images and editing gets done. The editing process is quite a lot of work. I may do a video of the process sometime to give more of an idea of how much work each image takes. Once I have edited all image they go onto a private gallery where you can view and favourite the ones you would like from your package as well as purchase any other products direct from the shop on their too. Once all that has been completed you can then download your chosen images direct to your computer. Its super convienent and means no waiting about for the post for your digitals, only when ordering products. Its a very simple process and keeps everything in order for me.

I got some lovely feedback from Louise who said the images were AMAZING, and choosing them was harder than labour which made me laugh. Its really lovely getting feedback like that.

Thanks for choosing me as your photographer Louise and family and I look forward to our next session when little Brodie is six months, i’m sure it will just flyby!




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