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If your anything like me you love seeing behind the scenes photos. I love looking at other peoples spaces to see what they have done and possibly find new ingenious ideas weather its a studio, craft room, office etc, you get the idea. So with that in mind I finally have got round to photographing my own studio space. This is also an indicator into your session with me, to see where the work will happen. I always say its a work in progress as I’m forever adding in bits and pieces to really maximize the space. I’m currently building up quite the list of items to get from ikea for more storage prettiness haha.

My studio is my happy place. I absolutely love being in their even if its just to tidy up after a session haha. Not only is everything in this space the style I love its also a space where I get to help so many people make lasting memories. From excited expectant parents waiting for the arrival of their gorgeous new baby, tiny newborns whos family trust in me to photograph their special little ones, families for either a special occasion or just because its important for them to get updated photos, curious little sitters who are just finding their balance and love to play with their little feet, babies first birthday celebrations weather its a cakesmash or just some updated birthday photos and everything else in between, every session is done in this little room. When I say little it is small but every session is done in this space and its my favourite place to be.

Image below is the setup for family photography, children photography all types of different work. This is also adapted with props/background change etc for most other sessions.

This is the setup for newborn photography sessions. There is a beanbag under the blankets. All the shots of the babies all posed are done here after the buckets/bowl shots.

As I said my studio is a work in progress, it is constantly being updated to maximize the space available to me. When I first started it was only a backdrop and lights in the room. Over the last couple of years I have build up quite a collection of props and needed to make room for them. Over on Instagram (@abbiewphotography) you may have seen a quick video tour of the studio but its quite limited with the timing on their so here I am able to go into a little more detail with better images.

Some of my headbands are purchased from different prop vendors which I love so much, I don’t think you can have to many props haha. Others I have made myself which I enjoy when I can find the time to spend on them.

All the little details that make up the studio. I could do with a better headband holder as it is just a necklace holder really haha. I’ve a few sample items in the studio but am working on covering the walls a bit more so you can see lots of the different items that are available to you with your session.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my little haven. If you would like to book in for a session please get in touch:




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