Lillie Newborn Shoot

One of my favourite newborn shoots to date!

Lauren messaged me to book in for Lillies newborn shoot and decided to go with my most popular package which includes a newborn session, a sitter session (between 6-9 months) and then a year old shoot which can be upgraded to a cakesmash.

Before the shoot I sent over all the relevant information which includes a prep guide. This is a couple of pages long and I realize it might be difficult to find the time to read over this with a brand new baby to take care of but it is super important you find the time to do so as this will help your shoot go according to plan.

The prep guide includes what to do before your shoot so that baby is sleepy for the session. It also includes ideas on what to wear, things you will need to bring and what to expect for the shoot. During a session I am able to tell who has read the guide and who hasn’t as the ones who have tend to be more settled and prepared. This isn’t a 100% fail safe case as babies are unpredictable a lot of the time but I’ve definitely seen the benefits of those who have followed the guide as best they can.

The shoot tends to start using the buckets and floor props.

Followed by parent shots. If there are siblings this will be done either at the beginning or end of a session.

When discussing the photos I asked whether we would be doing mum and baby photos which Lauren was hesitant at first. I said that it would be a good opportunity to get photos while she is still so little as it doesn’t last long and that Lillie would appreciate that when shes older.

After having your baby you may not feel at your best for photos but please make sure to take some even if its just at home by yourself so you/your child will have that memory to look back on. To be able to look back and see how tiny they were in your arms is priceless. I love looking at baby photos when I was little (admittedly I laugh at the style of my mums hair and glasses haha but I’m glad we have those photos). Mum didn’t want any full shots of her online but was happy to share these gorgeous images.

Lillie was perfect for her shoot. She was so chilled out and we got through lots of different setups.

Although her mum and Granny had a good laugh when we did the parent shots as I was putting Lillie into position she did a big poo on me, luckily it wasn’t on her mum who was holding her haha. I’m used to this by now and its better on me as i’m not in the images than it being on her mum then Id have to edit out the marks. That’s definitely going to be a memory Lillie will be hearing about when she is older I’m sure haha.

I always make sure to take detail shots during the session. These are sometimes the shots that sound strange to parents like why would you want an image of her ear haha but once they see them they love it. When looking at your new baby you wish they could just stay that small forever. You stare at them trying to remember every tiny detail so it makes sense to me to capture their tiny perfect pouted lip, the soft light hairs covering their tiny ears, their little hands that wont be small for long at all.

Overall the shoot went great and we got plenty of images from her session. I will be seeing her back in a few months time for her sitter session which is such a great age to photograph as they are just able to sit up and have their own little characters by then, are all smiley and tend to like rolling around the place which is good fun.






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