Safety First!

When choosing your newborn photographer or even if you have decided to have a go yourself. I really want to stress that you leave posing your newborn to professionals. Im absolutely not saying don’t take photos of your baby. That would be silly, take as many as you can! But maybe keep them natural and not so posed. It takes a lot of work to become confident in posing newborns. It isn’t as simple as it sounds. Sometimes if you copy an idea you saw on Pinterest or the likes you could be putting your baby in danger. Everything done during your shoot will be done with safety as the first priority.

When looking who to book for your newborn photography the most important factor in choosing is who safely poses baby and does composites where necessary. Composites means that your newborn will be supported at all times in poses that would otherwise be unsafe. Two or more images will be taken and then merged together in photoshop to make it seem like there is no one supporting baby. A before and after example of this is below:

Original image of Lillie who is in a bowl with a spotter nearby.

A digital backdrop which I purchased.

The finished product which were merged together in photoshop so Lillie was safe at all times and not actually hanging from a branch with only a wrap for support. This method has been used on the main image of the stork too.

An example which would never be a good idea is to put a baby in anything glass, I have seen it done before online and its quite scary to think about what could go wrong and also that wouldn’t be comfortable at all. Bowls should be layered with lots of material and weighted down where necessary.

During your session it can take time and patience to get your newborn comfortably into each pose which is why the session is a few hours long as well as feeding and soothing the little one. The shoot is baby led, which is why I do not guarantee any specific pose due to each baby being totally different. If on the day of the session they wont settle into a pose we will move onto the next. For example the odd baby doesn’t like being on their tummy, or if they are wide awake it can limit the poses as they as they like to wriggle around and don’t settle as easy. Some babies love being wrapped and cosy where others love to stretch out.

I have mentioned this in previous posts but if you have decided to book a newborn session with me I will send over a prep guide which I stress you have a read over. I know its hard to find the time to do this with a newborn but everything in their is important for the shoot and this can be the biggest difference between the shoot turning out perfectly or not at all how it should have went. It covers lots of things such as what to wear, what to expect from the shoot, what to bring with you.

Newborns shoots are done as early as possible within the first two weeks of birth. This is due to their flexibility and when they sleep more. Booking your shoot should preferably be done during your pregnancy as soon as possible. I can sometimes fit your little one if they have already been born but dont count on that. I would hate to turn you away. Shoots are secured with a small booking fee and signed contract with the remaining balance only needing to be paid on the day of your shoot. Please contact me if you would like to book or for more information at:



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