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Booked or thinking of booking a cakesmash for your little one but wondered how it will run from enquiring until delivery of images? Here I will discuss this in detail.

Cakesmashes are typically for a childs first or second birthday but can be for any reason. Package price is for one child and one cake only. Twins and siblings may have a joint cakesmash but there will be an additional cost. Once you have messaged me we I can give you a price.

After the initial enquiry I will send over my pricing brochure if you haven’t saw the packages already. From their you can choose what package you would like to go for. All shoots require a booking fee and contract signed to secure slot. Once this has been paid and signed I will send over a cakesmash brochure where there will be options for colours or themes. There are many to choose from including unicorns, mermaids, superheros, animals but also more simple styling with just a colour theme.

Once you have chosen your theme or colour I will then have a plan for the styling of the shoot. Which will be bunting/streamers, Pompoms possibly, balloons and cake decorations if any. I do not supply the outfits so bare this in mind when choosing your theme.

On the day of your shoot I will set up for the cakesmash but leave the cake in another room for the start of the shoot. This means we can get some normal year old milestone photos for 15 minutes roughly without the distraction of the cake this part can include a couple of different outfit changes. I then bring out the cake where your little one can have some messy fun. After about 20-30 minutes they will begin to have enough of making a mess which is where we will then do the last part of the session. We do some bubble bath tub shots. All cakesmash shoots include this part as it is both practical in getting your little one clean but also fun they all love the water and the rubber ducks sometimes even more than the cake part. The last shot if your little one is willing is a quick shot of them in the little yellow duck hooded towel.

Once all parts of the cake smash have been completed you can get your little one changed and that’s it for the shoot. I cant guarantee they will love the cake or the bath part of the session as they are unpredictable but everyone so far has enjoyed the shoot by the end and I have done many of them.

After the session I then get editing on all the best images from the shoot and once all are edited (around 50 images) they are uploaded onto a private gallery with the details sent to you to choose your images. You will be able to download the set images once they have been chosen. From your online gallery you may add additional digitals and purchase professional wall art if desired including wooden blocks, canvas, acrylics and prints.

Images are available in high res JPG files and will come with a print release which will allow you to print your chosen images at home by yourself as well as sharing on social media for personal use.

I hope this has been helpful, if you would like to book or have any questions please get in touch:



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