Hilly Cow Wigwams

(Please excuse the phone photos, it was a camera free getaway for a change haha)

So I know that this is my photography business blog but instead of just blogging every shoot I thought it would be nice to write about lots of topics such as shoots, things to do around the local area, how to make craft things andy anything else I find interesting.

One day me and my sister were heading through to Edinburgh and we spotted a road sign which read Hilly Cow Wigwams. I have always fancied going to a wigwam so immediately googled them. They looked amazing and the price was the best I’ve seen for those type of getaways. I forgot about it for a couple of months until it came round to my boyfriends birthday. He is the type of person who has everything so I was struggling for ideas.

I actually remembered about the wigwams only after seeing an advert for smores on facebook. I decided that a wigwam in November would be the perfect idea. I booked up for the beginning of November and once the day came off we went.

It was thee worst day possible I think. Very windy and pouring of rain, we were thinking it was maybe going to be freezing. Once their we met with the owners son who gave us a little tour of the facilities and showed us to our wigwam.

 When booking I think the wigwam I chose was called Henrys. I also decided to include fairy lights for a small extra fee as I am a big fairy light fan, they just make everything so pretty. The wigwam slept up to 4 (2 double beds) it also had a toilet and sink which was great as it meant we could stay in the wigwam without having to go into the main building in the horrible weather. We were pleasantly surprised to find a little heater inside the wigwam so it was lovely and warm unlike typical camping would have been. There was also a bunker with shelves and a small fridge and a dining table and chairs.

When I booked I had also included the BBQ option (yes I know, silly for November) but as it was terrible weather we decided to order from the local chinese which delivered right to the wigwam! We had such a lovely time. We were also told they had a few different animals on the farm you could go a little walk to visit but we didn’t because of the horrible weather.

The best part was how close it is to me. They are based in Kirknewton and are only 15 minutes drive away from me (I’m based in Dedridge, Livingston).  You can find them here: http://www.hillycowwigwams.co.uk/

It was a perfect short break I would 100% recommend it I cannot wait to return.



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