Extra Special Family

Today is an important one so please read on.

At the end of November I received a message asking if I would be able to fit Sam and her family in for a shoot last minute. We managed to arrange the shoot to take place 3 days later on the Sunday as I had had a cancellation. There was Mum, Dad two sisters and a brand new baby brother. Just before the shoot I was told that their younger daughter was ill which is why they wanted to get the shoot done before her treatment started the next day.

The girls came into the studio, Shola with her Hearts football top on and Jasmin in her dress and high heels. In that moment I couldn’t get over how similar they were to me and my sister growing up. She was totally into her football tops and couldn’t stand dresses. I on the other hand loved a dress and heels and playing with my barbies.

The shoot was perfect, one of my favourite family shoots to date. Everyone done so well. The girls took direction amazingly and even when little brother started crying they both sang a lullaby to sooth him. It was the sweetest thing.

It turned out that beautiful Jasmin has a terminal brain tumor. They are the most lovely family and my heart is breaking for them all. I decided to gift them all good photos from the shoot not just those that came with the package. Business really isn’t a priority when it comes to a sick child, it was only a small gesture with what they are going through but if that were me I would want to cherish every image of my beautiful girl.

Jasmin has created a Happy List of her favourite things she likes to do. The list doesn’t even have any really extravagant things which make her happy just little things like a pizza hut and staying at grans house.

Her family have set up a gofund me page after lots of people asking where to donate to help them complete Jasmins Happy List.

You can help by sharing or donating here: https://www.gofundme.com/e2-jasmins-happy-list

Jasmin also has her own facebook page where you can keep up with her updates and news it amazes me how happy and positive she and her family have been in her videos: https://www.facebook.com/KeepJasminSmiling/

This family and gorgeous girl have really touched my heart and are always in my thoughts. Thank you for allowing me to capture your amazing family.



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